N.A. – Love. Compromise. Lies. Hustle. (Mixtape)

LCLH is a catalog of music exposing my young history using passionate, yet artistic word play, accompanied by captivating instrumentation by my producer, and friend Josh Estes. Though the approach in preparing this project stayed consistent with that of Substance Abuse, my choice of content is more heart felt and hard to find in todays generation of hip hop–displaying realism to the audience as a form of entertainment.
This being my most personal project to date I hope it is not only accepted, but understood, that love, compromise, lies, and hustle defines me and screams fuck your natural order….
“ – N.A.

Bisschen komisches Cover für nen Rapper, ändert aber nichts an der Musik. Ein Track von N.A. hats schon hier hin geschafft, ist nen ganz nices Album das man sich gut so geben kann.

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