Devine Carama – White Girl Lost f. Marcus McClinton

Viert, und gleichzeitig letzte Promosingle zu Devine Caramas „Nas“-Tribute Mixtape It Was Rewritten, welches am 1. Oktober zum kostenlosen Download verfügbar sein wird. Produziert ist White Girl Lost von 2 Mello, würd ich eigentlich nicht erwähnen, aber 2 Mello hat ich vor einigen Jahren mal im Interview – so trifft man sich wieder.

This is a song that deals with racial perception. Racism isn’t always based off of hate, but sometimes ignorance. This song tells two stories of a young white girl with misguided perceptions when it comes to their affection for the black male. I’m from Kentucky so I have personally dealt with this situation several times. We as African American men in the south are often viewed in misguided and false perceptions. I wanted to shed light on this particular aspect of racism. At the end of the day don’t judge people off their religion, race, gender, etc. Just get to know people and love or hate them for who they are not what they are.

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