Cosmic Compositions – Avant Garde Series Vol​.​1 (Pharoah Sanders)

We feel there is huge similarity’s between the Avant-Garde/Free Jazz movement of the 50’s & 60’s & the beat movement of Today. As both movements attempted to break down, extend & alter the conventions of their original genres (Jazz & Hip Hop) & were never afraid to experiment & improvise to create something that wasn’t accepted commercially at the time.

C O S M I C | C O M P O S I T I O N S will be putting together a Series of Compilations dedicated to some of the pioneers of the Avant-Garde Jazz Movement.

The majority of this compilation was produced by beatmakers who strictly sampled Pharoah Sanders.

Noch ein guter Fund zum Ende des Tages hin, sehr nice! Insgesamt fasst Volume 1 26 Tracks mit einer Menge verschiedener Künstler – die komplette Liste gibts auf der Bandcamp-Seite. Stream wie immer kostenlos, und ansonsten ist es diesmal wieder „Name Your Price“ (Kein Minimum). Da sollte man schon zugreifen ..

Download: Cosmic Compositions – Avant Garde Series Vol​.​1 (Pharoah Sanders)

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