Robert Glasper – The Next Movement (Tape)

…my first exposure to Glasper was via his 2007 In My Element album, and ever since then I’ve been a fan. This mix can serve as a retrospective of sorts, containing tracks from Mood (2003) and Canvas(2005) as well as IME and Double Booked as well as fantastic live performances. Glasper is the perfect bridge for any soulhead who happens to also love Jazz and Hip Hop or however you want to arrange it. Glasper, being the hybrid he is, represents the new vanguard who will usher in the new sounds and styles or The Next Movement as it were.

Kann ich eigentlicht einfach nur zustimmen – schöner Robert Glasper Mix von BamaLoveSouls DJ Rahdu. Und egal ob man ihn bereits kennt und liebt, oder Robert Glasper einem noch unbekannt ist (was ansich recht traurig wär), reinhören sollte man auf jeden Fall!

Zuletzt: Robert Glasper – Twice (?uestlove’s Twice Baked Remix f. Solange Knowles & The Roots)

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