Kuroisoul x Kinetik – Hip Hop Is Forever (Tape)

Kuroisoul x Kinetik - Hip Hop Is Forever

Hip Hop has exploded into a worldwide cultural phenomenon. From Los Angeles to Lagos; from Berlin to Bombay or from Tokyo to Toronto; there is no part of the Earth where Hip Hop cannot be felt and experienced. The universal reach of Hip Hop culture combined with constantly evolving technology are the reasons why this album is even possible.

Das kann man mal einfach so stehen lassen. Lest in der Vollansicht was Kuriosoul und Kinetik weiter zu ihrem gemeinsamen Tape Hip Hop Is Forever zu sagen haben. Die London-San Jose Kollabo scheint sich gesucht und gefunden zu haben. Zwei recht unterschiedliche Stimmen treffen auf einem Mix aus Hip Hop und smoothen Rhythmen zusammen und rocken einfach mal alles weg. Definitiver Anspielstipp: California Nights f. Tone Richardson.

After meeting each other on an online message board in 2009, Kuroisoul & Kinetik began collaborating through e-mail and the power of the internet. What followed were a series of collaborations that hinted at an intangible musical kinship that was begging to be explored further. Fast forward to September 2012; Kinetik is invited from London to California for two weeks to begin working with Kuroisoul in person on Bass & Format’s first official release. The subsequent studio sessions ended in a 10 track album called Hip Hop Is Forever; a loving ode to the music and culture that initially linked the two together. Kuroisoul’s beats epitomize the sun soaked sandy shores of his native Californian environment whilst Kinetik’s rhymes reflect the cold, gritty, concrete cased landscapes of London.

Most importantly, Hip Hop Is Forever employs the tried and tested formula of one emcee and one producer; the same principle that has given birth to numerous classic Hip Hop albums over the years. In the same spirit of dynamic duos such as Gang Starr, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Reflection Eternal and Blu & Exile; Hip Hop Is Forever is truly the meeting of two minds pushing each other and hoping to stake a claim in Hip Hop history.

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