Verbal Kent – Sound Of The Weapon

A decade ago, while walking down an empty alley near Clark and Pratt in Chicago, Verbal Kent had his throat slashed with a knife by an acquaintance. Kent managed to make it to Saint Francis Hospital as blood poured from his neck. He received nearly 100 stitches, the blade of the knife missing the jugular by a mere centimeter, and took months to recuperate. The impact of course was unimaginable; an incident like this shades everything going forward for some time. It’s been 10 years since that incident changed Verbal Kent’s life, and now The Windy City is back in the news with unprecedented violence these past few years. Far from a nihilist, Verbal finds meaning in the everyday struggles he and his city live through – adding to it hard-line braggadocio, comedic flare, and social awareness. The Sound of the Weapon is an unabashed look at living through anything and loving everything. The cause of it is truth. Sound of the Weapon is Verbal Kent’s most complete album to date.

Das musste ich einfach mal ganz simple kopieren, wer weiß, wer von euch das auf Bandcamp liest. Ansonsten brauch ich eigentlich nichts mehr zu sagen, abgesehen von diesen vier Name: Mello Music Group. Verbal Kent. Khrysis. Ugly Heroes.

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