Paris DJs Soundsystem – A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

After exploring GOODNESS, FIRE, WARRIOR and ELECTRIC themes, Paris DJs felt it was time to concentrate their research on the UNITY concept, on the global cultural unity that is expressed through all strands of groovy, funky, psychedelic and moving afrofunk, afrobeat, ethio-jazz, highlife, afrojazz, afrosoul, Carribean Funk and other Tropical Grooves to be found on this planet today.

This new compilation in the „Tropical Grooves & Afrofunk International series“ is called „A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand„. This unity theme is one that came out of nearly every discussion with the musicians from the worldwide ‚afro scene‘. Even if it might seem a bit utopic, it’s something that is becoming a reality from Paris DJs‘ viewpoint – you wouldn’t believe how much the most sincere musicians, bands, labels, DJs, record collectors and stores are connected throughout the world…

Das weltweit anerkannte Qualitätsmerkmal Paris DJs Soundsystem greift auch diesmal wieder. Auf dem Tape findet sich Musik u.a. aus Kamerun, Spanien, Neuseeland, den USA und auch Deutschland.

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