Corey Wayne – Love Is f. Tim James & Rayne Meyers (Video)

„Love Is“ is a song about the God’s unfailing love. Each MC, Corey Wayne, Tim James, and Rayne Myers, are all alums of Louisiana State University, where they met and worked together to minister to youth of Baton Rouge. Unfortunately, Baton Rouge is plagued by many social ills that have made a notorious haven for thuggery and prodigal living. Leading the national in reported AIDS cases and ranking among the most dangerous cities in the nation, Baton Rouge is in need of leaders that love its people and are willing to serve the inhabitants of the capital city through the love of God. Each artist set out to share certain aspects on God’s love. „Love Is“ captures the adventure and discovery of a personal encounter with God’s love from three different perspectives.

Corey Wayne hat mit „Love Is“ ein gutes Konzept richtig gut umgesetzt und wird damit, denke ich zumindest, ein paar Leute in Baton Rouge ansprechen. Ob es direkt hilft, who knows, aber definitiv ein erste richtiger Schritt. Sounds good!

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