Es – Fact Remains (Video)

Ich möchte hier gar keinen auf Moralapostel machen oder irgendein Statement von mir gegeben, aber wenn eine gute Message in noch besserer Form präsentiert wird, dann hat es meiner Meinung nach Aufmerksamkeit verdient. Daher auch nichts weiter von mir persönlich, sondern nur Es‘ persönliche Aussage zu seinem Song „Fact Remains„:

„This new song speaks to the usually uncomfortable topic of race relations. It was inspired by the events of the past 12 to 18 months involving police brutality, criminalization of, and media portrayal of people of colour. The media portrayal of people of colour has in a way tainted our perceptions in many circumstances and situations.

I approached this song from the vantage point of an observer (first verse) and that of a concerned parent (second verse). Check this out tomorrow night and see where I’m coming from.

This is the way I see things from my vantage point. There is plenty of blame to go around. The first step in achieving any sort of resolution is to first acknowledge that there is a problem, then uniting as a people (regardless of skin colour) to find productive ways to move forward. There is NOTHING more counterproductive than having your problems and concerns dismissed as trivial or irrelevant. This is the core message in this one”

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  1. 17/12/2015

    Es is telling like it is. More people should take a listen to his music.

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